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Fun Fact Tuesday December 3, 2019

3 December 2019

During World War I, a Canadian soldier made a black bear his pet and named her Winnipeg. “Winnie” was later a resident of the London Zoological Gardens where she was an adored attraction, especially to a boy named Christopher Robin, son of author A.A. Milne. The boy even named his teddy bear after her.  Christopher Robin appears in Milne’s poems and in the two books: Winnie The Pooh (1926) and The House At Pooh Corner (1928). In the books he is a young boy and one of Winnie The Pooh’s best friends. His other friends are Eeyore, Kanga and Roo, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl and Tigger. In the second book, there are hints that Christopher Robin is growing up. In the final chapter, the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood throw him a farewell party after learning he must leave them soon. It is implied that he will attend boarding school; Christopher Robin Milne, for whom the stories were originally developed, left home to attend Stowe School at age 9.

Fun Fact Tuesday December 3, 2019

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