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Fun Facts March 27, 2020.

27 March 2020

Brown bottles are better for beer, but why?  Say that three times fast. While it may be a tongue twister, it’s also a fact. If your brew is exposed to sunlight, it can become “lightstruck” which affects its taste and quality.  In other words it gets “skunky.”   It’s not heat or oxygen causing the issue, but light, and one of the best ways to protect beers from this is to put it in a darker bottle, which keeps the flavor-killing wavelengths from ruining your brew.  It doesn’t take much direct sunlight to cause your beer to go skunky. The reaction happens fast enough that a glass of beer can become noticeably lightstruck in seconds when exposed to direct sun. Lightstruck beer is such a common occurrence that many folks just assume that their beer is supposed to taste like that. The truth is that skunky beer is flawed, and no brewer wants their beer to taste like the back-end of a skunk, but some brewers choose packaging over taste.  Some brewers use special hops that don’t react to UV so they can use clear bottles.

Fun Facts March 27, 2020.