Tool time Tuesday.  They grip, they grab, they pinch and they twist.  We’re talking, of course, about the Vice Grip.  According the Living History Farm dot com, The first locking pliers, with the trade name Vise-Grip, were invented by William S. Petersen in De Witt, Nebraska, in 1924.  Petersen was a farmer and blacksmith. He was no stranger to invention, at one point he even tried to make and sell a motorcar. While working in his shop he realized that some of his tasks would be easier if he had a pair of pliers that would lock in place, like his vice.  He figured out that a screw mechanism in the handle could adjust the opening of the pliers. Later, he figured out a way for the other handle to lock it in place. He built several prototypes, first out of cardboard and then wood. Finally, he hammered one out of metal on his forge.  I have several sizes and shapes of Vice Grips in my tool collection.  I used a pair of needle nose vice grips over the weekend to stop a leaking fuel line on one of my tractors.   Listen to the podcast here;