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Give A Dinner Food Program in Clarke County

20 May 2020

We pre-recorded today’s conversation with Jonathan & Rachel Worsley, owners of Presto Dinners and Bryan Casey with Blue Ridge Insurance to talk about their Give a Dinner program in partnership with Erie Insurance and Fish of Clarke County.

They explained that Clarke County is a wonderful community of friends, family and neighbors that pitch in and help those less fortunate when it’s needed – and that need is great right now. There just isn’t enough food in some homes to get dinner on the table. You can help by donating to “Give A Dinner” campaign, which works directly with the Clarke County community, feeding families that need help the most.

Donate Now To Help Feed Our Community – With every dollar you donate to FISH of Clarke County, Blue Ridge Insurance Agency in conjunction with Erie Insurance will match your donation up to a total gift donation of $1,000. Dinner vouchers will be given to families with the greatest need so they may receive a free dinner from Presto Dinners.

If You Need Food:

If you are in need of food you must call FISH! The food will be delivered to you on Wednesday or Saturday one time per month. Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church has a drive through food pantry on the third Friday of each month from 9am until 11am. If you need food before these delivery times please contact FISH to make arrangements.

How to Donate:

You can donate funds before June 30, 2020 by either visiting FISH of Clarke County’s website and making a donation there or by mailing a check to FISH. Please earmark GiveADinner” on your check or via in the charity selection box on the FISH website.

Visit: http://fishofclarke.org/

Mail: FISH of Clarke County, PO Box 1154, Berryville, VA 22611

Receiving Dinner Vouchers:

If your family has been given a dinner voucher by FISH of Clarke County, please use it before July 31, 2020. On the day you believe you would like to pick up your dinner please call Presto Dinners, 540-277-2103, to let them know you will be coming that day. There are always a variety of dinners available. You may pick up your dinner at Presto Dinners, 23 Crow Street, Berryville, VA 22611

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Give A Dinner Food Program in Clarke County

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