We were in the studio today with Guy Curtis, Director of Marketing, Business & Industry Training with LFCC Workforce Solutions for a conversation about their recent partnership with Syntelligent Analytic Solutions to offer guaranteed interviews to graduates of the their IT certification programs. John Hutt, Director of IT & Security Programs for Syntelligent joined us for the conversation. We talked about the various programs, why there is a demand for IT professionals in our area and what skill-sets employers are looking for. We also discussed what type of people should consider an IT career as well as the benefits and advancement opportunities in the career long-term. Guy told us about the short period of time, a few weeks to a few months, and flexibility of class schedule for working individuals. He also told us about funding options that could, for some, require as little as $83 for the entire course. Guaranteed interviews are an added value to completing these programs. John gave us some background about Syntelligent Analytic Solutions and the types of clients they serve and job opportunities available. He talked about the important role the IT certifications offered by LFCCWS will play in the career path for any future employee. Offering guaranteed interviews through this program is a benefit to his company as well. You can read about a recent success story for this partnership in the LFCCWS catalog: https://view.flipdocs.com/?ID=10010399_789243#12 For more information about Syntelligent, you can visit their website: http://www.syntelligent.com/ You can also listen to the conversation with their CEO from a previous Valley Today appearance here: https://theriver953.com/podcast/syntelligent-analytic-solutions/ For more information about the CompTIA programs, you can attend an information session (details here: https://lfccworkforce.com/?s=IT+and+PMP%2FCAPM+Certification+Information+Session) or stop by the LFCC campus. You can also visit their website: https://lfccworkforce.com/ At the end of the show, we mentioned “Kids College” at LFCCWS. You can get more details and view that catalog here: https://view.flipdocs.com/?ID=10010399_971877#1 You can hear previous conversations with Guy from LFCC Workforce Solutions by searching “LFCC Workforce Solutions” or by clicking here.