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The Valley Business Today: Hob Nob in the Valley 2020

22 July 2020

We pre-recorded today’s conversation via Zoom to talk about advocacy and get details for Hob Nob in the Valley 2020. We chatted with Cynthia Schneider, CEO, Charles Daniels, Board Member and Public Policy chair, and Danita Roble, Director of events for the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber. will be speaking about advocacy tomorrow and a little about Hob Nob in the Valley 2020.

One of the missions the Chamber has is to inform members about bills to watch in the Senate and Congress that may affect business; and advocate a pro-business agenda to elected officials at every level. Cynthia & Charles explained that this is just as important now as ever. We talked about the amplification of voice from multiple business through the chamber versus a single voice/business owner.

Danita joined us for the second half of our conversation to give us detail on Hob Nob in the Valley 2020. It will be held vitually on Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 6pm with a ticket price of $10. Danita explained that many of the aspects of previous Hob Nob’s will remain: the ability to interact with elected (& campaigning) officials, the straw vote, as well as networking. She is also currently working with local restaurants to offer special deals for food so that attendees can eat local while participating in the event from the comfort of their computer screen.

  • Who: Candidates for the state and local elected offices representing Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties that will appear on the November general election ballot will be invited to attend the event.  This event is open to the general public, particularly those who reside in the Top of Virginia region.
  • What: This is the kick-off event to the campaign season for the November general elections!  It is an all-American political rally that celebrates the electoral process in a fun, informal, multi-partisan setting.  Enjoy candidate speeches, straw pole voting and virtually meet and mingle with local business leaders, elected officials, candidates and constituents.
  • Why: The event provides a great opportunity for candidates to campaign to a regional audience and for local voters to meet them personally.  Attendees can discuss current issues one-on-one with candidates and elected officials. This event is unique among other political rallies in the Top of Virginia region as it is the only one that includes all political parties and candidates.  The event strives to educate the public about all the candidates who will appear on the November ballot.

For more information about the chamber’s public policy committee, or to reach Charles Daniels, visit the chamber’s website: https://www.regionalchamber.biz/public-policy-committee

For more information about Hob Nob in the Valley 2020 or to purchase your ticket, click here: https://www.regionalchamber.biz/hob-nob-in-the-valley

Note: The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber is an nonpartisan organization. The straw poll results represent the opinions of the Hob Nob in the Valley attendees.

The Valley Business Today: Hob Nob in the Valley 2020

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