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  • 28: I-81 Expansion, Schools on Clearance & Fun Facts About Candy Canes

28: I-81 Expansion, Schools on Clearance & Fun Facts About Candy Canes

7 December 2018

Episode #28 of Another Look was recorded on Friday, December 7, 2018 at 3:50pm.

Every Friday night, a new podcast is released with the week’s “news in review” from around the Shenandoah Valley, hosted by News Director, Dylan Nicholls and Valley Today host, Janet Michael. We talk about the local stories making the news throughout the week along with any updates that may have happened since they first aired. Dylan provides additional information & background for many of the stories; Janet provides the (ample) “snark.” We exchange a few friendly jabs, let you in on some behind the scenes radio station scoop, and there’s almost always a storyteller moment for one of us.

Stay tuned til the end for our “who did it dumber” when we compete against each other for “best dumb story” from the state, national or international stage.

Here are the stories we discussed:

McKiernan Officially Ruled Winchester’s Ward 4 Rep.

CTB Approves I-81 Improvement Plan

I-81 Car Crash Causes Explosion, Kills One

VDH Dispels Rumors of Hepatitis A in Winchester Area

Vacant Frederick Co. Middle School for Sale at Half its Value

Frederick Schools’ 12th Elementary School Named

Construction Begins on Middletown Housing Development

And in “dumb news” …

Dylan’s Pick: Japanese cops called in to break up drunken brawl by other Japanese cops who were drunk

Janet’s Pick(s): Doctors say amoebas in tap water turned woman’s brain into ‘bloody mush’

Principal bans candy canes, says ‘J shape’ stands for Jesus



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