We are REC – a podcast series produced in partnership with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative.

We recorded today’s episode via Zoom with Jason Satterwhite, Director of Operations and Construction Services to learn how REC uses technology to streamline their operations and keep their members informed throughout an outage event.

Jason explained their drone program and the training that goes into using them. He also walked us through what happens behind the scenes during an outage event to ensure members know what’s happening along the way. 

For more information, visit REC’s website: https://myrec.coop/

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REC provides electric service to over 170,000 connections in parts of 22 Virginia counties. With its general office in Fredericksburg, VA, the Cooperative operates and maintains more than 17,000 miles of power lines through its service area, which ranges from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay. For more information about REC, please visit www.myrec.coop. Follow REC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.