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LFCC Stories Judy rinker

LFCC Stories: Judy Rinker

14 January 2021

I didn’t pre-record today’s conversation over Zoom; but, I DID pre-record it several months ago at Lord Fairfax Community College as part of our new podcast series in partnership with the school. This conversation is part of that podcast series. It’s just one of over 2 dozen podcast conversations. In the series, we take a walk down memory lane with several current & former professors; we talk with current students and graduates about how and why they chose the college to pursue a higher education. Today’s episode is a conversation with Judy Rinker. She was a member of the first graduating class of Lord Fairfax Community College.

You can listen to every episode as they’re released on our website under the podcast tab by visiting https://theriver953.com/lfccstories/ You can also subscribe (for free) on Apple Podcasts by clicking here or on Spotify by clicking here to have them delivered to your phone as each episode goes live. You can also listen wherever you already listen to podcasts by searching “LFCC Stories.”

LFCC Stories: Judy Rinker

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