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14 June 2018

We were in the studio today with Kelli Dayrit, Outreach and Alumni Coordinator with Lord Fairfax Community College along with two of her former Student Ambassadors: Emily Hammersley, class of 2018 & Eric Bittner, class of 2017.

Emily & Eric told us about their experience as Student Ambassadors, what they learned, and how it has (and will continue) to help them further their education and careers. Emily has chosen to become a mentor within the I’m Just Me Movement before transferring to GMU. Eric has joined the marketing team with Mayor Harbaugh and the Middletown Fourth of July Celebration. In the future, he plans to run for public office to advocate for his fellow Virginians.

Student Ambassadors are a group of students dedicated to developing interest, pride, and participation in the growth of the college, and to increasing feelings of loyalty, service-driven partnership and fellowship between the college, students, alumni and the community. During their time as Student Ambassadors, students grow in their appreciation for service and become more aware of how they can make a difference. After they graduate, many Ambassadors choose to get involved in their four-year institutions or take on leadership roles within the workplace.

Kelli also told us about the opportunity for LFCC alumni to become more involved with the college. She asked that any former LFCC graduates contact her to discuss how they can support current students and further the school’s goals in the community. You can email Kelli: kdayrit@lfcc.edu

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