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LFCC: Knowledge to Work (K2W)

14 July 2016

We had a full house in the studio today with representatives & graduates from Lord Fairfax Community College. Liv Heggoy, Director of Development for LFCC Educational Foundation, Dr. John Milan, Executive Director for the Knowledge to Work program along with two of his recent graduates, Bettina (Tina) Fritz of Bealeton, VA an employee of LFCC; and Tina Presley of Front Royal, VA, an employee of the Town of Front Royal.

We talked about the benefits and ease of completing the program as well as their experiences while participating. We also discussed their newest web portal Higher Ed that allows you to take courses and competencies at your own pace, many of which are of no cost.

In a nutshell, the new program is ideal for: someone who has a knack for computer networks or IT skills (maybe self-taught or with skills learned from military service; someone who has decades of valuable experience as an office manager, maybe in a doctor’s office; people with a lot of work experience but no college credential. With Knowledge to Work, LFCC can help evaluate their work experience as well as previous courses they have taken, assess their competencies (in other words, verify what they know). Then, help them customize a learning plan to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

Their official press release regarding the new program is below.

LFCC Announces First Graduates in Competency-Based Education Programs

Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) is pleased to announce that four students completed their certificates attained through the new competency-based education (CBE) program at the college, Knowledge to Work (K2W).  The four graduates received certificates in Office Systems Assistant and Information Processing Technician.  These student were able to leverage knowledge from employment and prior coursework to attain these credentials in less time than a traditional program.

Graduates include: Bettina Fritz of Bealeton, VA (employee of LFCC); Tina Presley of Front Royal, VA (employee of the Town of Front Royal); Heather Ramseur of Warrenton, VA (employee of Fauquier Health Human Resources); and Nisreen Russell of Warrenton, VA (employee of Fauquier Health).

“The achievements of these students is an important milestone for LFCC,” said LFCC President, Dr. Cheryl Thompson-Stacy. “It is exciting to have competency-based education programs in place and to see individuals achieve their goals through the K2W option.”

One of the graduates, Bettina “Tina” Fritz, is an LFCC employee in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at the Fauquier Campus.  “Enrolling in the K2W program was a great choice for someone like me with a job, a life, and a lot of work experience,” said Fritz, a resident of Bealeton, VA.  “Through this program, I was able to develop a personalized learning plan that focused on new learning.  The fact that I only used free and low-cost online resource saved me money on textbooks, too.

According to LFCC Professor Virginia Hartman, CBE is an excellent way to help those with work experience in an office environment complete a credential.  “We are fortunate to have K2W in place at LFCC,” said Hartman. “There are so many people who could benefit from this program and use their credentials for pay raises and promotions.”

Seven programs are offered this fall, including Associate of Applied Science degrees in Health Information Management and in Information Systems Technology; the Certificate in Office Systems Assistant; and Career Studies Certificates in Hospital Facility Coding, Information Processing Technician, Cyber Security, and Networking Specialist.

Key features of the Knowledge to Work program include the use of personalized learning plans tied to competencies using free and low-cost online resources. Special veterans’ services are in place to translate military job experience into competencies.  Wrap-around student support services are provided by Career Coaches and an Adult Education Instructor.

Knowledge to Work is funded in part by a TAACCCT grant from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. For more information, visit the program website at: http://knowledgetowork.com.

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