We pre-recorded today’s conversation with Guy Curtis & Jelise Ballon from LFCC Workforce Solutions to learn the details about their new leadership program: Leadership Basecamp.

Leadership Basecamp, a first-level training series for brand-new supervisors and leaders to assist them in their transition into leadership, and develop bedrock skills that will serve them throughout their career and life.

Leadership Basecamp consists of six core content classes that all participants take, and four elective courses that supplement their learning. Core classes include: Buddy to Boss, Adapting Your Leadership Style, HR Concepts for New Leaders, Time Management, Supervisor Communication Skills, and Toughest Supervisor Challenges. Elective courses will vary, but may include: Computer Basics, Keeping the Good Ones, Creative Problem Solving, A Heart for Service, Introduction to Microsoft Office, Women and Leadership, and Meeting Management.

The first cohort of this new program will be offered in late August, but companies can also reach out to bring this program to their company & have it tailored to their needs.

To learn more about Leadership Basecamp or to register, contact Larry Baker 540-868-7283 or lbaker@lfcc.edu. More details can also be found on their website: lfccworkforce.com/LB