We were in the studio for our regular monthly conversation with Warren County Administrator, Doug Stanley. We talked about the recent purchase of the former Atlantic Skyline Building on Baugh Drive by the EDA (with the backing of the Warren County Board of Supervisors) and the impact it will have on the tax base, potential new jobs, and overall economic development for the county. Doug gave the example of the former Pen-Tab building and the chain of events that ultimately led to losing tax dollars and jobs when it was sold. He also explained the importance of utilizing the properties and buildings to the maximum benefit of the county & it’s residents especially since the county is somewhat land-locked for new industrial development. We also discussed the EDA’s recent embezzlement issues and got an explanation about the relationship/connection between the EDA and Warren County government. Doug explained how the finances of the EDA had been handled prior to July 1, 2019 and talked about the change on that date that enabled the county to become the fiscal agent for the EDA. He told us about the steps the current EDA leadership & board are taking to recover funds including using Sands Anderson. Part of this conversation also included an explanation of the role of the various agencies & firms participating in the recovery process. Finally, we got an update on several projects:

  • Wayfinding signage through the Tourism Committee;
  • Crooked Run West zoning changes;
  • Status of the county’s audit;
  • Rivermont Fire Station’s construction progress;
  • Splash Pad at Seide Park;
  • Road construction: Rocky Lane, Ashby Station Road, Tomahawk Way, Oregon Hollow Road

For more information about county projects, public hearings and meetings, visit their website: https://www.warrencountyva.net/ To hear previous episodes of Municipal Monday, click here.