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NSV Master Gardeners Green HelpLine

20 March 2020

We were in the studio with Katherine Rindt, an extension master gardener & Warren County coordinator for the help desk/Greenline to talk about what that is, how it works and where you can go to get your questions answered.

The help desk is available in all 5 surrounding counties and offers answers to:

  • questions about plants and gardening issues;
  • diagnose plant diseases and pest issues;
  • advice on lawns, trees & vegetables;
  • promote safe use of pesticides and fertilizers;
  • provide access & analysis of soil tests

For more information about the master gardener program, events and how to join the local association, visit their website: http://nsvmga.org/

In Warren County:

  • Phone: 540-635-4549
  • Location: VCE Office, Warren County Government Center, 220 N Commerce Ave, Suite 500, Front Royal.
  • In-Office Hours: Mondays, 10am – 1pm, April – October,
  • Email: GreenHelpLine.WarrenCo@gmail.com
  • Where Else to Find Them: 1st Saturday from 9 am – 12 pm at Southern States Front Royal during the growing season

In Frederick County:

  • Phone: 540-665-5699
  • Email: GreenHelpLine.FrederickCo@gmail.com
  • Location: VCE Office, 107 North Kent Street, Winchester
  • In-Office Hours: During the growing season, stop in every Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. Call or email from November 27th through March 4th.
  • Where else to find them:  Old Town Farmer’s Market, Loudoun Street Mall, Winchester, every Saturday, 9am-1pm, May-September

In Clarke County:

  • Phone: 540-955-5164
  • Email: NSVMGA.info@gmail.com (include “Clarke County Gardening Question” in the subject line)
  • Location: VCE Office, 524 Westwood Rd, Berryville

In Shenandoah County:

  • Phone: 540-459-6140
  • Email: greenhelpline@gmail.com
  • Location: Shenandoah County Government Center, 600 North Main Street, Suite 100, Woodstock
  • In-Office Hours: 1st Friday of the month, 9am-12pm during the growing season. Call or email during winter.
  • Where Else to Find Them: Strasburg Farmers Market and South Street Barn Market in Woodstock , 4th Saturday, 9am – 12pm, April – September

In Page County:

  • Phone: 540-778-5794
  • Email: NSVMGA.info@gmail.com (include “Page County Gardening Question” in the subject line)
  • Location: VCE Office, 215 West Main Street, Suite C, Stanley
  • Question Drop-Off Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm
  • Where else to find them:  Farm Market and Information Booth at Massanutten Country Corners, twice a month on Saturdays, May through September.




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