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Page County Extension Agent, Nicole Clem

17 March 2017

We were joined in the studio today by Nicole Clem, Page County Extension Agent. We talked a bit about the 4-H program, the benefits it provides to kids and the lifelong experiences that are had by those who participate. Nicole also filled us in on details for upcoming camp registration and about their Reality Store that happens at each of the high schools in April and May.

Camp registration packets have gone out to previous Page County campers! This year, they are piloting a 1 day registration on Thursday, March 30 from 4pm – 7pm. If you would like a registration packet please contact Nicole: nlross@vt.edu

Camp will include two additional counties this year (Orange & Madison) so spaces are limited – if there are still beds after the March 30th registration event they will continue to take registrations until all beds are filled.

For more details about Page County’s 4-H programs and activities, click here to follow them on Facebook or visit their website: http://offices.ext.vt.edu/page/

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