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Sew Helpful: 10,000 Masks in Two Weeks

7 April 2020

We recorded today’s episode via Zoom with Jenny Grooms, Interim Executive Director of Foundations for Valley Health and Ruth Rau, a local toymaker and business owner of Mouse Loves Pig. Our conversation centered around Valley Health’s new campaign: Sew Helpful: 10,000 Masks in 2 weeks where the health system has asked the community to rally to make 10,000 hand-sewn masks in two weeks for use in their hospitals.

Jenny told us how this campaign came together and the benefit these hand-sewn masks will provide to hospital staff. Ruth tols us how she took up the cause & started this Facebook group: Valley Maker Masks. If you’d like to support the efforts, here’s how you can help:

Go to valleyhealthlink.com/maskdonation, download the VHS pattern and step-by-step instructions and drop off completed masks at any of their hospitals. A how-to video and drop off locations and collection times are also on the website. You can also download the instruction sheet here: Hand-Sewn Face Masks instructions

If you can sew but don’t have the materials, Valley Health has a limited supply of pre-cut mask kits. Please call 540-536-8158 for details.

If you would like to donate fabric or help make masks kits, please email donations@valleyhealthlink.com.

If you sewing isn’t your strong suit but still want to help, there are other ways to show your support. Check out valleyhealthlink.com/howyoucanhelp.

Sew Helpful: 10,000 Masks in Two Weeks

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