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Shenandoah University's re-opening plan

Shenandoah University’s Re-Opening Plan

3 August 2020

We pre-recorded today’s conversation via Zoom with Mitch Moore, Shenandoah University Senior Vice President and Chair of their Re-Opening Committee to discuss Shenandoah University’s re-opening plan.

Mitch explained the process behind their decision to invite students back to campus this fall. We talked about all the factors they considered, the various plans and requirements that will be in place upon their arrival and what classrooms and the campus as a whole will look like beginning on August 18, 2020.

Mitch ran through the logistics for move-in day(s) and explained their “ShenFlex” plan for lessons. He also told me about the Shenandoah Pledge and spoke briefly of the future of athletics for the university.

For all the details about Shenandoah University’s re-opening plans click here to visit their website.

Shenandoah University's Re-Opening Plan

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