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Shenandoah University’s Sports Management Program

20 June 2018

We were in the studio today with Dr. Fritz Polite, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Shenandoah University. He brought with him several past and current students – Michael Nguyen (2019); Kit Gould (2018); Damon Mackin (2018)- to talk about their experiences in the program, what they’ve learned and how participating in events like the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, the NCAA College Football Championship Game and Super Bowl have impacted their education and professional development.

Joining us in the studio was Shenandoah University’s Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business Executive in Residence, Dan Kaseman, of Atoka Properties to give his insight into why he’s involved with the school and students and the impact it’s had on his life.

If you’d like to chat or communicate with any of the guests on today’s show, their email addresses are below.

Dr. Fritz Polite: fpollite@su.edu

Dan Kaseman: kasemandan@gmail.com

Michael Nguyen: mnguyen15@su.edu

Kit Gould: bgould15@su.edu

Damon Mackin: dmackin13@su.edu