We recorded today’s episode via Zoom with Dr. Jeff Feit, Vice President of Population Health for Valley Health and Chief Medical Officer for Valley Medical Group. Our conversation included details about Valley Health’s telehealth services. We discussed what they involve, how they work and the process for using them even if you don’t have a primary care physician. We also discussed the respiratory care clinics, their relationship to the telehealth services offered, and when/how someone should visit one for further evaluation. He told us about the COVID-19 hotline (that number is 540-536-0380) and the integral role it plays in the process. We also talked about the virus itself, steps to prevent it and the importance of understanding immunity. You can find more information on Valley Health’s website: valleyhealthlink.com/covid19 To hear more conversations with Valley Health professionals, visit the podcast page: https://theriver953.com/valleyhealthpodcast/