A block of wood, a set of axels, four wheels, some paint and a little imagination.  If you know or were a Boy Scout you probably know what I’m talking about, the Pinewood Derby.  This past weekend my church, New Hope Bible, held their version known as the AWANA Derby.  About 30 cars participated, including an entry by my youngest, Levi.  It was actually designed by his older brother, Evan, but didn’t get to run due to Covid.  It got it’s chance this year and did fairly well, making it to the fifth round in a double elimination tournament.  There were cars of all shapes and designs.  In addition to winning on the track there was also awards for design.  One car had flashing lights, another was shaped like a horse and the design winner was a fuzzy slipper car.  All of them very creatively designed and decorated.  Levi’s was the only one that had fenders, all the rest sported open wheel designs, like formula one racers.  A good time was had by all.  We’re already talking about the design for next year.  Listen to the podcast here;    https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/