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The New Learning Curve

6 April 2020

There’s a new learning curve happening across the Shenandoah Valley in the midst of the COVID-19 health crisis.

In the first segment of today’s episode, we had a conversation with Carrie Hill. Carrie is a teacher at Front Royal Christian School, the mother of 3 school-age children, and the wife of our Afternoon Traffic Jam host, Lonnie Hill. We talked about how the transition to online learning happened, how it’s impacted the interaction with her students – 10-12th grade history – and what resources she’s found to support her students with their learning, and the new learning curve everyone has adjusted to. We also talked about balancing the role of teacher and mom with her 3 children, all in various online classrooms themselves, to ensure they have the devices, space to learn and what they’re doing in their downtime.

In the 2nd segment, we talked with Nathan Stalvey, Executive Director of the Clarke County Historical Association. We talked about the new online content his staff has curated in the last few weeks to assist local teachers with lesson plans, parents with children to entertain & teach, and even for adults who are interested in learning something new while they’re working or staying home.

Nathan told us about their puzzles of local historical landmarks and videos of historical properties such as a bunker in Clarke County. We also talked about the financial impact the health crisis is having in the short term on his organization as well as in the long-term once we’re through to the other side. To access their online content, visit their website: https://www.clarkehistory.org/

If you’d like to watch the Zoom conversation(s) for today’s show, check out The Valley Today playlist on our YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2JHVKm0

The New Learning Curve

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