Mental health was the topic of our conversation today with Caroline Wood – Associate Vice President of Student Services & Academic Support and Amber Foltz – Dean of Students, both from Lord Fairfax Community College (becoming Laurel Ridge Community College.)

The two explained the new free counseling services that are being offered at LFCC through Timely MD. Amber gave us a rundown of all the telehealth services now available for all students actively enrolled at the school (see below) and Caroline talked about the impact having access to these free services will have on students across all their campuses.

  • Talk Now, which is 24/7 on demand mental health support to talk about anything that it is staffed by licensed mental health providers.
  • Scheduled counseling where they can choose the date and time to meet up with a licensed counselor – up to six visits per year are covered.

  • Several different types of groups sessions that work on mindfulness issues with weekly guided meditation sessions, yoga group sessions and a number of discussions on relevant topics throughout the year.
  • Health coaching that offers support for healthy lifestyle behaviors like working with students on body image, meal, planning, nutrition, sleep issues, etc.
  • Psychiatry (will happen through referrals) which will help provide prescription access for antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, etc. that the student might have a hard time accessing through another service.

Students can access more information on the LFCC website: or by logging into their LFCC portal or visiting