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safley celebrating the holidays

Safely Celebrating the Holidays

17 December 2020

We pre-recorded today’s conversation via Zoom for our monthly Community Health series in partnership with Valley Health. We chatted with Laura Walls, MSW with Behavioral Health Senior Outpatient Services at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital and Tiffany Markwood, LCSW with Behavioral Health in Winchester about safely celebrating the holidays in the age of COVID-19.

Here are a few of the tips we discussed:

  • Take this time to do something different, create new traditions. Perhaps a new tradition of a New Year’s Eve indoor camp-out with a tent in the living room, S’mores in the microwave and scavenger hunts for outdoor themed items in the house; challenge your family to a baking competition where two or more people are the participants and the others are the judges.  
  • Find creative workarounds. If you typically go to the movies on Christmas Day, purchase the movie on demand, pop microwave popcorn, turn out all the lights and the show will go on! Schedule a time to open gifts with your family over Zoom or share your holiday meal via Zoom.  
  • If you are used to gathering for New Year’s Eve postpone your New Year Celebration until you can gather and truly celebrate new beginnings and a return to normalcy. Perhaps even send out invites saying you want to see everyone together later in the year in 2021 for a Springtime or Summer BASH! 
  • Take advantage of some of the socially distanced activities that have been put in place with drive through light displays and even just driving around to see how others are pouring the Holiday Spirit into their outdoor decorations.  Find local ones here: https://visitwinchesterva.com/2020-christmas-lights-guide-for-winchester-and-frederick-county/
  • Celebrate the things that we do have.  If 2020 has done nothing else it has reminded us to not take things for granted. 
  • Check in on others who may be alone or in need of support with food or other needs this holiday season. Giving to others can feel so good!
  • Make a 2021 Bucket list of all the things you want to do from big things like a trip, to small things like enjoying a treat from your favorite coffee or ice cream shop.

Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel! At last we are able to move forward with actual steps to improve this situation.

Safely Celebrating the Holidays

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