It came to an end on May 9, 1971, or did it?  According to History dot com, the last original episode of the very popular show, The Honeymooners, aired.  Although a perennial rerun favorite in syndication, The Honeymooners actually aired only 39 episodes in its familiar sitcom format, running for just one season in 1955-56. The show debuted on October 5, 1951, as a six-minute sketch on the variety show Cavalcade of Stars, hosted by Jackie Gleason. Cavalcade of Stars evolved into The Jackie Gleason Show in 1952, and Gleason continued the sketches, playing the blustery Ralph Kramden.  In 1955, Gleason had tired of the hour-long variety-show format and wanted to try something new. He suggested creating two half-hour programs: The Honeymooners and Stage Show, a musical-variety show, which Gleason would produce.  In a departure from most TV shows of the time, The Honeymooners was filmed live in front of about one thousand  members of a studio audience.  The recorded shows were then broadcast at a later date.  You can still enjoy The Honeymooners on several streaming services.  Listen to the podcast here;