Tool time Tuesday.  I was a bit torqued over the weekend.  I tried to get the rear wheels off my wife’s Jeep to check the brakes and adjust the emergency brake.  I tried my brand new impact wrench, but the lug nuts wouldn’t budge.  I tried my 4 way lug wrench and I couldn’t make them move.  I added a cheater bar to the 4 way, in other words I used a pipe to extend one arm of the 4 way for better leverage.  I managed to break two lugs loose, but the other three would not move.  Are you supposed to see stars when you’re changing a tire?  Asking for a friend.  I was about to borrow my neighbors three foot breaker bar when the drops started to fall, chasing me inside.  You know the torque on lug nuts, depending on the size, is between 70 and 90 foot pounds, more for larger wheels.  The ones I was working with must be torqued to “pop a blood vessel.” Listen to the podcast here;