We were live in the studio for our monthly chat with Lt. Warren Gosnell from Frederick County Sheriff’s Office about traffic safety issues.

Lt. Gosnell told us about his red light issues on his trip into Front Royal and reminded people to choose safety over convenience when traveling the roadways. We also discussed the dangers of leaving your grass clippings on the roads when mowing your grass. This is illegal as stated in the Code of Virginia: 18.2-324. Throwing or depositing certain substances upon highway; removal of such substances.

In the second segment we talked about the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office 20th Take Back Day which is scheduled for April 24th from 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. At its last Take Back Day in October, DEA collected a record-high amount of expired, unwanted, and unused prescription medications, with the public turning in close to 500 tons of unwanted drugs. Over the 10-year span of Take Back Day, DEA has brought in more than 6,800 tons of prescription drugs. With studies indicating a majority of abused prescription drugs come from family and friends, including from home medicine cabinets, clearing out unused medicine is essential. The public can drop off potentially dangerous prescription medications at collection sites such as the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, 1080 Coverstone Dr., Walgreens Pharmacy 131 Valley Mill Road, Walmart 501 Walmart Dr. and Walmart 201 Maranto Manor Dr. Winchester. Collection sites will adhere to local COVID-19 guidelines and regulations in order to maintain the safety of all participants and local law enforcement.

We also discussed the legalization of marijuana in Virginia effective July 1, 2021: HB 972 Marijuana; definitions, possession and consumption, civil penalties, report.