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Valley Health COVID-19 Update from Mark Merrill

2 April 2020

We recorded today’s conversation on Tuesday morning (3/31/20) via Zoom with Mark Merrill, President & CEO of Valley Health System.

Mark gave us an update on where we are with COVID-19 in the Shenandoah Valley and explained how Valley Health has responded with visitation changes at hospitals; by closing wellness & fitness centers; and canceling all events and elective surgeries to minimize risk and slow the spread of the virus.

He talked about the three new services they introduced in the last week that include a COVID-19 hotline, telehealth services and a respiratory care clinic and they positive impact they will have in our community.

Mark also explained how the test collection sites will work, the process for being tested and how/to whom they report the results. We discussed the status of Valley Health’s inventory of personal protection equipment as well as their surge capacity plan if there’s an influx of positive cases.

Finally, Mark talked about his gratitude to his staff across all their facilities and to the community as a whole who have supported Valley Health as the health crisis begins to show up in all our communities.

For more information about Valley Health’s response to COVID-19, click here to visit their website.

Valley Health COVID-19 Update from Mark Merrill

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