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Municipal Monday with Warren County Administrator, Doug Stanley

16 December 2019

We were in the studio today for Municipal Monday with Warren County Administrator, Doug Stanley. Our conversation included a look back at completed projects in 2019 as well as status updates for projects that will start or finish in 2020.

Doug explained the process involved with the supervisors to set the goals for the coming year and how those may change from election year to election year based on new officials coming on board. He told us the newly elected supervisors will be sworn in on December 18, 2019 at 4pm at the Warren County Courthouse. We also talked about the number of committee positions that are currently open (mostly to Warren County residents) that include:

  • Warren County Department of Social Services Advisory Board (North River District)
  • Warren County Board of Zoning Appeals (North River, South River & Happy Creek have positions open.)
  • Warren County Planning Commission (North River, South River & Shenandoah have positions open.) Three members of the planning commission retired this month: Lorraine Smelser – South River – 15 years; Scott Stickley – North River – 8 years; and Ralph Rinaldi – Shenandoah – 5 years.
  • Northwestern Community Services Board – 2 positions are available
  • Lord Fairfax Community College Board also has a position available.

For more information or to obtain an application, visit the county’s website: https://www.warrencountyva.net/for-residents/citizen-appointments

We also talked about the Development Review Committee, how it works, why it’s important, and what was discussed during their November meeting.

Finally, Doug reminded us of the holiday hours that will be in place on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day at the local transfer stations and citizen’s convenience sites. We talked briefly about Morgan Ford Bridge reopening for public traffic and why it was closed for repairs. Plus, Doug told us it isn’t too late to contribute to Coats for Kids. You can make an online donation by clicking here.

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