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municipal monday doug stanley

Warren County Administrator, Doug Stanley

16 July 2018

We were in the studio for Municipal Monday with Warren County Administrator, Doug Stanley to get an update on all the projects happening in and around Warren County. Doug talked about the Comprehensive Plan Update currently underway within the county and encouraged residents to participate in the community survey. More information can be found on a special website created by the county: http://www.warrencountyfuture.com/

We also talked about the Joint Judicial Hearing earlier in the day regarding the possible move of the ATF canine training facility from Warren County to Huntsville, Alabama and the economic impact it could potentially have on the community.

Doug gave us an update on what’s been happening in the Development Review Committee including the possibility of a Taco Bell coming to Riverton Commons & a Burger King coming to Linden as well as other housing projects and Afton Inn architectural plans.

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