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WCFR: Rivermont Fire Station and New Training Facility

5 July 2019

We were in the studio for an in-depth conversation with Warren County Fire & Rescue’s Chief Mabie, Asst. Chief of Rivermont Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Joe Woodall, and Warren County Fire Marshal, Gerry Maiatico.

We talked with Joe about the current physical state of the Rivermont’s building including all the issues that make most of it unsafe to utilize. We also talked about the new building; the impact that the airport location will have on response times; and the many times he’s reached out to community members to answer their questions & address their concerns with no response.

We spoke with Gerry about the new training facility recently approved by the Warren County Board of Supervisors, the cost of developing the site and where that money will come from; the training schedule they will use as well as the types of training that will be offered there. We also discussed the issues surrounding their current use of Shenandoah County’s fire training facility.

Finally, Chief Mabie weighed in on both topics and talked about the long-term planning that went into both projects and compared budget amounts for both.

After the show finished on the air, we continued our conversation in more detail about these topics as well as my concerns over Chief’s off-hand statement about retirement. You can listen to the entire conversation here.

For more information, visit Warren County Fire & Rescue’s website: http://www.warrencountyfire.com/ and follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrencountyfire/

For more information or to reach out to Joe Woodall, click here follow Rivermont Volunteer Fire & Rescue on Facebook

WCFR: Rivermont Fire Station and New Training Facility

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