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21 August 2019

Rappahannock Electric CooperativeToday’s show was a little different. I shared a few podcasts that I’ve been producing in partnership with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC). We started their podcast project in March 2019, and have almost 2 dozen podcast episodes on our website: https://theriver953.com/wearerec/

We’ve talked about tips for saving money on your electric bill – because who doesn’t want to do that? We’ve busted some energy saving myths – a few I was guilty of doing – who knew!? We talked about weather’s impact on reliability, electric cars, solar panels … lots of cool things! We’ve talked to linemen, marketing people, energy advisors, the guy who’s job it is to keep the power on, and we’ve gotten really cool information like how to do your own energy audit & learned about the new drones REC is using to speed up power restorations after a storm. We record them every month and release a new episode every week, usually on Mondays.

You can find and listen to them at TheRiver953.com under the podcast tab or click here: https://theriver953.com/wearerec/  You can also subscribe for free in Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts and Spotify so every time a new episode is released, it gets delivered right to your phone – that way you can listen anywhere anytime! If you’re not sure how that works but you really wanna be one of the cool kids who listen to podcasts – send me a text here at the station 540-635-4121 or drop me an email to janet@theriver953.com and I’ll walk you through it. I promise the hardest part is gonna be trying to decide which ones to listen to first!

Today’s show is going to feature 2 episodes. The first one is a conversation with Louis O’Berry, an energy management advisor with REC that we titled Thermostat Wars – who hasn’t been there??? The second one is a conversation with Casey Hollins, Director of Communications & Public Relations for REC where we bust a few energy saving myths. This segment was just an excerpt – she gave us a couple more myths in the full podcast.

Lemme know what you thought of the podcasts on today’s show and if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover with them in a future episode – reach out. You’ve got my text and email (above.) But you can private message me on The River’s Facebook page, you can send me a tweet @theriver953 or send me a private message on The Valley Today’s Instagram.

I really wanna know what you think!

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