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What’s a Podcast & How Do I Get One?

1 June 2018

We were in the studio today with Liz Trumbull, Station Manager & Dylan Nicholls, News Director for The River 95.3 & Sports Radio 1450 to talk about podcasts. The station offers multiple options for businesses to create their own podcast (video or audio) or blog on a wide range of topics as well as the opportunity sponsor our station-produced podcasts.

You can check out Another Look that features me (Janet) and Dylan taking a deeper dive into a few news stories from the week with a  bit of added (mine) commentary. Plus, we’re in production of “Actor/Movie/Show” where Liz, Dylan and me (Janet) spend 30 minutes or so talking entertainment.

If you’re interested in creating or sponsoring a podcast, contact our sales department:

Hanna Reno: reno@royalbroadcasting.net

Alex St. Amand: alex@royalbroadcasting.net

Randy Woodward: rwoodward@royalbroadcasting.net

You can also get in touch with Liz (lizt@royalbroadcasting.net) or Janet (janet@theriver953.com) with any questions.

And … the irony of today’s topic was that our technology here had a power hiccup and did not record this episode of The Valley Today so there is no podcast to listen to … UGH! But … if you heard the show, you’ll completely understand the featured image at the top of this page.

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