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Worlds of Work Expo Recap

3 November 2017

We were in the studio with Sally Michaels, Existing Business Coordinator with Frederick County Economic Development Authority and Jane Baker, Warren County Public School‘s Director of Career & Technical Education. She’s also the principal of Blue Ridge Technical Center. We talked about the Worlds of Work Expo (WoW) that happened last week.

Worlds of Work Expo is a career exploration event managed by Lord Fairfax Community College Career Pathways Consortium, in partnership with Barrett Machine, Inc.Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission, Frederick County Economic Development Authority, Winchester Economic Development Authority, and Winchester Wealth Management.  Over a two day period, WoW! hosts nearly 3,000 seventh grade students from the region, which includes the counties of Clarke, Frederick, Page, Rappahannock, Shenandoah, Warren, and the City of Winchester.  More than 65 businesses showcase equipment, vehicles, and machinery that students climb into, fix, and manipulate. There are also animals students can touch and care for as well as life-like mannequins they might splint and stitch.

We continued our conversation after the show and added the kids’ liners we’ve been playing all week.

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