We are REC – a podcast series produced in partnership with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. We recorded today’s episode via Zoom with Casey Hollins, Director of Communications and Public Relations for Rappahannock Electric Cooperative to learn the details about their 2020 Annual Meeting & Director Elections happening virtually on August 19, 2020 at 7pm. She explained the logistics for participating in the meeting via live stream and/or phone as well as they many options available to submit your proxy designation. We talked about the importance of participating in the meeting/elections and Casey talked about how the directors serve the member-owners of the cooperative as a whole regardless of the region in which the member resides. She gave me the deadlines for submitting your proxy and told me about the various prizes that a member-owner qualifies for based on their timely submission. For more information about the annual meeting and election process, click here to visit their website.