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Point in Time Count Surveys Area Homeless

28 January 2019 Winchester Frederick County Clarke County News

Faithworks and the Valley Assistance Network, an extension of the United Way of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, partnered last week to conduct an area Point in Time Count count.

The count is an effort by volunteers to take stock of the numbers and situations of area homeless. Faithworks and the Valley Assistance Network visited places like shelters, parking lots, and motel rooms paid for by agencies or churches across Frederick, Clarke, and Winchester Wednesday evening (1/23/2019) as a part of the effort, and regrouped with those they missed during a Thursday morning breakfast. The organizations not only took the opportunity to assess the number of homeless in the area, but interviewed many about the length of their homelessness, challenges they may face such as substance abuse and mental health issues, and what barriers if any are keeping them from existing housing services.

The Point in Time Count is part of a national effort; Sandi Webster of Faithworks said earlier today that the information her organization helped to gather last week will be sent to the Harrisonburg Housing Authority, which will in turn share it with larger entities like the Virginia Department of Housing and HUD.

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