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Zoning Ordinance

Possible Cellphone Tower In Jim Barnett Park

23 August 2018 News

A conflicted Planning Commission for Winchester is recommending to the Winchester City Council that a conditional use permit be approved for building a 100 foot cellphone tower in Jim Barnett Park. Winchester City Planner Timothy Youmans claims in a published report that there is “a clear need” for wireless coverage in and around the park. Some on the planning commission expressed concerns about both safety of the site and the aesthetics, which was also echoed in principal by several citizens attending the meeting.

The space would be rented to the telecommunications on a 20 year lease with a rent of 7000$ per year and an initial rental cost of 111,000$. Locals expressed a desire to have the money gained from this be used for the park. The Planning Commission does not have the ability to control how the money is used, and a final vote of 4 to 3 in favor will accompany the use permit for consideration by the City Council.

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