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Powhatan Road Recycling Center Opens

16 December 2019 Shenandoah County News

December 16, 2019

STRASBURG – Shenandoah County officials noted the opening of the new Powhatan Rd. recycling and collection center today.

The new site opened one day after the convenience site on John Marshall Highway was closed by the county. It will not reopen until necessary upgrades are made to the location.

The Powhatan site is a larger collection and recycling area. It can handle more volume than other collection sites in the surrounding area. It has a larger parking lot and allows for longer lines to comfortably exist within the site if necessary.

The county is considering closing the convenience site on Green Acre Dr. as well. The Powhatan site would serve as a large enough replacement for both Green Acre and John Marshall.

The final cost of the Powhatan recycling center was $780,000, and the county will not have to pay rent on the location.


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