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Wake Up Crew

The “Wake-Up Crew” gets the Shenandoah Valley rockin’ from 6 a.m. to  9 a.m. every weekday! Host Randy Woodward has fun, features, and the Northern Valley’s “Greatest Hits” from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. News Director and co-host Scott Bradley has local news updates throughout the morning, and joins Randy for features like DOA. In-house meteorologist Kemp Miller jumps aboard at the top of each hour. Just tune in to the River 95.3 to join the fun.

The Puppy Quiz

Thursday (3-23) was National Puppy Day, and we tied that in to this week’s Scotty Stumper. Play along and see if you get puppy kisses or you get to clean

Beat The Press: 3-22-23

Kemp is back…and so is Beat The Press. A look at the wacky headlines of the week with The Wake-Up Crew!

The Scotty Stumper: Cat Trivia

This week’s Scotty Stumper tied into International Rescue Cat Day, with Cat Trivia. Play along and see if you get some catnip, or get sent to the litter box!  

Beat The Press: 3-1-23

The week’s wacky news headlines from around the world…with Randy & Kemp.  

The Tootsie Roll Quiz

Happy Birthday this week to the iconic “Tootsie Roll!” We tie that occasion into this week’s Scotty Stumper with the Tootsie Roll Quiz. Play along and see bow much you

Beat The Press: 2-22-23

The week’s wacky news from Randy & Kemp…