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Prominent Reclaimed Wood Shop Lost To Fire, Owners Determined in Face of Devastation

9 May 2017 News

The Strong Oaks Woodshop, a homespun startup manufacturer of handmade reclaimed wood furniture, was lost to a three-alarm fire on the night of Saturday, April 29th. The blaze destroyed tens of thousands of dollars in tools and inventory, and threatened the lives of three people inside the building. Despite the business’s shaky situation, the owners, with the support of the wider community, are passionately committed to rebuilding.

By the time firefighters arrived at the scene, the building was almost completely engulfed. It took until the following morning to contain the blaze, and crews monitored the smoldering ruins for two days afterwards. While no one was injured, the fire claimed all the shop’s equipment, finished product, and huge inventory of reclaimed wood. According to the fire marshall, the cause of the fire is still undetermined, though they have ruled out arson.

Owner of Strong Oaks, Mike Schmiedicke thinks insurance may eventually cover a lot of the equipment and material losses. However, he feels as though the real loss was the store’s large inventory of lumber. Much of the lumber the store used was salvaged by hand from trees that are now extinct. The other major loss being their workers losing their jobs.

Despite all their losses, Strong Oaks is still committed to rebuilding. There is currently a GoFundMe page. Further, the business is going to keep their Facebook page updated regularly with ways people can get involved. Lastly, despite not having a functional storefront, Strong Oaks says they are still making furniture.

You can call Strong Oaks at 1-888-712-4184 or visit their website at strongoakswoodshop.com

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