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Proposed New Impound Lot In Shenandoah County

20 October 2018 News

JPG Towing submitted a proposal to move its impound lot to the area of Toms Brook in Shenandoah County, and has met with opposition earlier this month. Following the proposed closure of the company’s lot in Woodstock, from which they have operated since 2006, JPG filed an application through the Department of Community Development for a special-use permit on a property zoned for agriculture. According to published reports, the neighbors indicated no problems with the planned development when initially contacted. At a joint Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meeting on October 4th, Twenty citizens spoke concerning the proposed move, most of which opposed the request. The Planning Commission decided to postpone a decision until its November 1st meeting in order to gather more information about the project.

The proposed impound lot would be required to have at least an 8 foot tall opaque fence around the property to screen vehicles from public view. Another requirement that JPG would need to comply with for the new facility is the time frame of less than 120 days stay for vehicles being stored there. Penny Shipe, office manager for JPG indicated that despite a suggestion to move to an industrial park in Strasburg, the Toms Brook location was her preferred option. She said, “We’re just a small company that started back in 2006 with $5,000 and one truck, and now we’ve got 17 trucks. I’ve got nine full-time employees, a couple part-time guys. But this county is pushing us out big time, and I don’t know what else to do but leave.”

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