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Prosecution expects to wrap their case against McDonald this week

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Court documents from the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia confirm that the jury was excused from the Jennifer McDonald trial on September 19.

Once again health issues appear to be the reason although officially listed as unexpected circumstances.

Four days of the trial were already canceled earlier in September due to someone involved in the trial testing positive for COVID-19.

During the absence of the jury and defendant time was spent by Judge Dillion and other court officials to review some court procedures.

Those procedures included final jury instruction and the need for a witness to return to court from her home in Virginia Beach.

Most of the 70 witnesses subpoenaed by the prosecution have already testified in the 15 days that have been held.

In fact, Federal prosecutors expect to wrap up their case either September 20 or 21 although documents show no court September 21 currently.

Jennifer McDonald, the former Executive Director of the Front Royal Warren County Economic Development Authority remains free on bond.

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