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Questions Answered During 2019 Election

6 November 2019 Shenandoah County Winchester Frederick County News

November 6, 2019

SHENANDOAH – Two separate ballot questions were highlights of the local elections in the Shenandoah Valley in 2019.

In Winchester, voters decided on whether or not the City would change its policy on appointing school board members. Currently, School Board Members are appointed by other city government officials. On the 2019 local ballot, residents decided that process will change. The question asked was “shall the method of selecting the school board be changed from appointment by the governing body to direct election by the voters?” According to unofficial results from the Virginia Department of Elections, “Yes” won 63% to 37% over “No.” The change will be reflected in a new election for school board members included with other local ballots.

Shenandoah County voters shot down a potential meal tax from the County. Shenandoah officials added the question surrounding a possible maximum meal tax addition of 4%. The revenue from the tax would have helped pay for education and public safety capital projects. If implemented, the total tax on all prepared food in Shenandoah could have increased to 9.3% overall.


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