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Rabid Cat Attacks Resident Near Toms Brook

21 October 2019 Shenandoah County News

October 21, 2019

TOMS BROOK – A rabid feral cat attacked a person near route 623 over the weekend.

The cat was captured and euthanized. The Shenandoah Health Department found that the cat was infected with rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease, once symptoms begin it is completely fatal. It can be prevented with treatment if begun shortly after exposure to the disease. SHD issued a warning to the community to check into the nearest emergency health department if anyone has been bitten, licked, or scratched by a wild animal in the past two weeks.

“While this cat is no longer a threat, it may have interacted with other animals, including cats, in the area while it was sick,” Lord Fairfax Health Director Dr. Colin Greene said in a press release. “The rabid cat’s disease may be present in other stray cats in the area, who may develop symptoms in the weeks to come. Feral cats have a particularly high risk of carrying rabies, and contact with any feral cat is risky.”

Lord Fairfax Health District released a list of steps people should take to protect families and animals from exposure to rabies. The list includes actions like avoiding stray cats and dogs, reporting bites and scratches to local health professionals, and a call to not support colonies of feral cats. You can find a full list of actions and other information on rabies at the Virginia Department of Health’s website.


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