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Rabies Alert Issued After Shenandoah Raccoon Attack

23 May 2019 Shenandoah County News

The Lord Fairfax Health District has issued a rabies alert in Shenandoah County after a raccoon attack.

According to a release from LFHD, the raccoon attacked a person without provocation on Saturday (5/18/2019) in the vicinity of Georgetown Road, west of Mount Jackson. The animal was caught, euthanized, and tested positive for rabies. Lord Fairfax Health District Director Dr. Colin Green stated on Wednesday (5/22/2019) that anyone that came in contact with a raccoon in the same area between May 8 and May 18 “should receive a medical evaluation immediately.” Rabies is fatal to both animals and humans once symptoms begin, but can be prevented in humans with a vaccine and medication soon after exposure.

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