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Rabies Sightings in Frederick County

2 November 2019 Frederick County News

November 2, 2019

WINCHESTER – The Lord Fairfax Health District released a warning to residents regarding two seperate rabies related events in Frederick County.

Both encounters with rabies infected animals occured on Oct. 23. The first involved a skunk that got into an altercation with a dog near the community of Marlboro. The skunk, which was infected with the rabies virus, fought with the dog just off of Chapel Rd. The dog did not receive any bites or scratches and is safe from infection. The skunk was captured and euthanized, testing revealed it was infected with rabies.

The second encounter involved a raccoon. Someone was looking through a shed off of Back Mountain Rd., near the eastern entrance to Shawneeland. The raccoon was captured and euthanized, testing later revealed that it was also contaminated with the virus.

“These animals no longer pose a threat,” Lord Fairfax Health Director Dr. Colin Greene said in a press release. “These cases offer a reminder that any contact with a raccoon, fox, skunk or bat that could result in an exposure to the animals saliva should be considered a potential rabies exposure. Any person or animal so exposed should receive an immediate medical evaluation.”

Rabies is a fatal disease once symptoms begin, but can be prevented in humans if they receive a vaccine and medication soon after exposure. Anyone in the area of the rabies exposrue should be on the lookout for the next two weeks for another potential rabies sighting, as animals tend to contaminate the area around them.



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