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Randolph-Macon Academy embraces online learning

28 March 2020 Covid19 Front Royal/Warren County News

With schools throughout the state closed for the rest of the school year, Randolph-Macon Academy is making great use of the situation through online classes. R-MA had previously invested in 1:1 technology two years ago, providing every student with a MacBook. Having the necessary tools, transitioning to online was seamless.

The teachers were given two work days to convert all of their classes to an online format, even classes like physical education. Spanish classes are reading along silently as their teacher reads a Spanish paperback, asking questions afterwards. Students in German are watching German news clips and then discussing them with each other. Kids in physical education class are recording their exercise in a fitness app. Altogether, it has come along quite well.

The classes provide structure to the students’ day and allow them to interact with people outside of their family. Many of the students are more excited about classes online than they were back on campus. In this time of school closures, R-MA is proving that online classes can be just as effective as normal classes.

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