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Responsible Gun Ownership

26 January 2019 News

With the new year, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office wants to stress the importance of responsible gun ownership and locking your vehicle, so your personal items are not stolen. In 2018, there was a total of 268 vehicles that had been entered, ransacked and many of them had items stolen. Of these items stolen, there were 19 weapons that were left in unlocked vehicles and stolen.

According to Sheriff Lenny Millholland, larcenies like this are crimes of opportunity. The thief rides or walks into a neighborhood, gets out of their car, if they are using one, and start their search for anything of value. Ask yourself, how long does it take to pull on the handle of an unlocked car door, look through it and move on to another one. It only takes a couple minutes if that long to go through it and steal what the thief may want.

Within an hour, a thief or thieves can try 10-15 vehicles. Once they steal whatever they want, they are then out of the neighborhood and moving on… Most of these larcenies occur in the middle of the night.

An unfortunate part of these larcenies is the fact that these stolen guns can end up in the hands of children, teenagers and bad guys.

Two of the guns stolen were used in incidents following the theft. One of which was an armed robbery that occurred in Clarke County, Virginia where the suspects were arrested in Frederick County and the other was used in a murder in New York State. This gun had been stolen in February and made its way to New York and was used in a homicide in October. The suspects in these cases have been arrested and await sentencing. Law Enforcement never knows how far these stolen weapons will travel or what they will be used for.  It is never clear where these weapons will turn up and who may have them.

Law enforcement recommends that anytime you are up in the middle of the night, look outside and see if there is anyone lurking around. Leave your motion lights on and if you have cameras on the outside of your house, review it from time to time and see what might be moving around in the middle of the night.

Please, always remember when you get out of your car, to lock the doors and never leave a gun or anything of value in your vehicle. Especially if you leave the doors unlocked.

If you have any information on these larcenies or the persons responsible, call the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office at 540-662-6162 or Crime Solvers at 540-665-TIPS.

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