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Route 11 Yard Crawl canceled

24 July 2020 Covid19 Shenandoah County Frederick County News

This year’s Route 11 Yard Crawl has been canceled after careful consideration and recommendations from the Virginia Department of Health’s Lord Fairfax Health District.

“The nature of the yard crawl, with 43 miles of yard sales and flea markets, creates a situation where a person might easily come in contact with hundreds of others in a day,” the health district said in a statement. “Combined with the low likelihood of good compliance with masking and social distancing in that environment, and the repeated picking up and handling of items by multiple people, the level of interpersonal contact sets up the risk for rapid and multiple spread of COVID-19. Add to this the number of older people likely to participate in the Yard Crawl, and the known presence of COVID-19 in both Shenandoah and Frederick Counties, we could find ourselves facing a catastrophic deadly outbreak in the valley.”

The yard crawl that stretches from Stephens City to New Market typically attracts thousands and boosts tourism in the area.

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