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schenck foods grocery opening

Schenck Foods to open pilot grocery location

6 May 2020 Covid19 Winchester Frederick County News

Schenck Foods Company is offering more grocery options to local residents by launching a retail grocery location on the Old Town Loudoun Street Mall.

The idea of a downtown site was developed in large part because of the recent increase in the company’s grocery pickup and delivery service amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The location will offer fresh produce, dairy, eggs, household goods and more. There will also be the option for customers to place full grocery orders to be picked up or delivered to their home.

According to a news release, the downtown site is a test for Schenck Foods Company to explore the idea of a long-term commitment to be a locally-owned grocery retail partner for the community.

“We wanted to be a solution, a convenience for area residents who have voiced concern about the shrinking opportunities for grocery solutions, especially in downtown Winchester. This position downtown allows us to be an additional walk-in option for Winchester City and the surrounding community. We have been in the wholesale big-box, large-quantity business for nine decades. We are excited to bring smaller-quantity, high-quality items to meet consumer needs,” said Jessica Swiger, Sales and Marketing Manager of Schenck Foods Company.

Swiger said the company hopes to have the store up and running by the end of this month.

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