The Original Houdini?

Was Richard Dale the original Houdini? Listen to his story and tell us what you think, talented swindler or an early Houdini?


Richard Dale’s tale

Pastor to War Heroes – The Muhlenbergs

For everything, there is a season from Ecclesiastes 3, which helped create a Revolutionary War hero. Was it Peter or Frederick who preached this infamous sermon? 

The Marshall Brothers and Happy Creek Manor

You are familiar with John Marshall, but what about his brother James?

Did you know that Warren County was the home to the Nation’s fourth Chief Justice?




The Warren County Woodstock

Did you know Warren County had its own Woodstock?

Or that we had a cult here?

Not that big, and not as well known, but at least one famous family was a part of it.


The First Thanksgiving

Was the first Thanksgiving really in Massachusetts? This podcast may make you rethink what you were taught in elementary school.


Virginia History & Culture Museum  

The Washingtonian Magazine

Thunderbird archeological site

Did you know that Warren County had Native American residents?

That we once held a historic record?

Or that there was a Native American Museum once operating in the county with living history?